Throw Back Thursday

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Hey, everyone out there this Thursday  is a Throw back to a price for propane at our retail pump of 1.19. That’s right stop in at 1240 S. 2000 W. Springville and fill your tanks for 1.19 per gallon, all day long. See you then.

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Freeway Brown Friday

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Hey, you are use to hearing about black Friday, well on Sept 4 here at Freeway Propane we are having a blow out sale on Propane for your BBQ grill. Fill any BBQ tank for .99 a gallon, that’s right fill your BBQ tank for .99 per gallon, that is my cost. We must be crazy sick here to do this but to all of you that read this and come in you are getting the deal of the year. So put it in your calendar Sept 4, 2015 all day long propane at Freeway Propane is .99 per gallon. If you mention you read this on our blog I’ll give a gift, that I am only offering my Blog readers. So make sure...

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Run your car on Propane?

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In the USA the big dog of Alternative Fuel is Natural Gas. Propane, Propane, Propane, that is the very best alternative fuel to run a car on, most countries in the world run cars on propane, it is put in a tank as a liquid. It is draw out and run thru injectors into your car just like gas, the Octane rating on propane is 106 it is a very clean high grade form of motor fuel, great for the motor, clean for the environment and inexpensive for you the customer to run. Right now motor fuel propane cost 1.20 how much is a gallon of unleaded gas right know 3.00, WOW. We do conversions here at...

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Did Fall Ever Really Leave

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So I sit here and look out the window all winter long from my office and wonder when winter is actually going to arrive. And it really never did. If you are in the propane business like we are you rely on winter to help sell gas, when you don’t have a winter it makes it hard the rest of the year to continue operating your business. A mild winter is good for the construction industry, builders can continue building all winter, but trust me it is bad for utility heating companies. So it is funny how a little temperature  change can effect us in different ways. The upside with this is...

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What the hell

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Ok I promised everyone at Freeway that I would Blog at least once a week, so here is my 3rd week of March rant. What is wrong with the teams in the NCAA tournament, the teams that are ranked high are suppose to win right and the teams with lower rankings are the ones that loose. I guess that is the fun of March Madness is that the teams that are suppose to win don’t always win, it’s like here at Freeway we have checks in place so that mistakes don’t happen but no matter what we try we still make mistakes.  We can always count on the same people making the same mistakes, it...

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This Blog is for Deborah and B.J.

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Ok I’m back on to blog, I have been accused in the past of not taking care of the blog, not blogging enough. So a new change I am going to get on and blog every week. It happens that as gas prices go up propane seems to be moving down, and crude moves down, I think that the energy companies make money wherever they can, if something goes down they just charge more for whatever is going up. It’s a heck of a deal to figure out. As far as propane goes we try and buy our propane at it’s lowest and then pass it on to the customers, I am the one that does this and to be honest I...

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