What the hell

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on What the hell

Ok I promised everyone at Freeway that I would Blog at least once a week, so here is my 3rd week of March rant. What is wrong with the teams in the NCAA tournament, the teams that are ranked high are suppose to win right and the teams with lower rankings are the ones that loose. I guess that is the fun of March Madness is that the teams that are suppose to win don’t always win, it’s like here at Freeway we have checks in place so that mistakes don’t happen but no matter what we try we still make mistakes.  We can always count on the same people making the same mistakes, it is like a curse around here, we can’t seem to break ourselves of the same mental dumb things we do, it tends to become funny after so many times of the same mistake being made that more times than not we just have to laugh. So I guess around here we say you have Freeway Madness, it doesn’t occur just in March but year around, such as life, saylav until next rant.