This Blog is for Deborah and B.J.

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Ok I’m back on to blog, I have been accused in the past of not taking care of the blog, not blogging enough. So a new change I am going to get on and blog every week. It happens that as gas prices go up propane seems to be moving down, and crude moves down, I think that the energy companies make money wherever they can, if something goes down they just charge more for whatever is going up. It’s a heck of a deal to figure out. As far as propane goes we try and buy our propane at it’s lowest and then pass it on to the customers, I am the one that does this and to be honest I am very very good at it, in fact there is probably no one better in the world than me. I am so good it’s almost like I can control which way propane will move. But enough about my outstanding abilities, did I mention I am a very handsome man and I work out on a regular basis. Anyway let us know what you think you can email me at rmaughan@freewaypropane if you would like to call feel free our outstanding office of myself, Deborah and make sure you don’t call her Debbie your price will be a 1.00 more per gallon, or Brian James would love to talk to you and advice you as to what you need to do, even if it is a personal nature we are willing to help you. Good by for now I blog you next week, same propane time same propane channel. And remember it takes a big dog to weigh a ton.

Rich Maughan