Spring is coming

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So we have just went thru the Third coldest winter in our history. Being a customer of freeway Propane there was never a time when you couldn’t get propane from us. We did have to bring some in from gas plants far away but it didn’t affect our price and this was just to make sure we had gas for our customers. This is what our storage does for our customers it allows for us to go through times when propane is hard to get and not worry or have to tell our customers that we don’t have gas for you or you can only get a limited amount. It is funny how some of our competition bad mouths us, our service, our price and just about anything they can think to say, but yet we have been around for Twenty Eight years and we just keep getting more people to switch over and use us as their propane provider. Switching gears, this is the time of year when things start to unthaw roads get muddy and it is extremely hard to get in to some of your tanks. So we encourage all of our customers that have cabin sites or houses that have unimproved roads into them to check their tanks as soon as possible and let us know so we can start to plan how and when we can get to you.

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