Run your car on Propane?

Posted by on May 22, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Run your car on Propane?

In the USA the big dog of Alternative Fuel is Natural Gas. Propane, Propane, Propane, that is the very best alternative fuel to run a car on, most countries in the world run cars on propane, it is put in a tank as a liquid. It is draw out and run thru injectors into your car just like gas, the Octane rating on propane is 106 it is a very clean high grade form of motor fuel, great for the motor, clean for the environment and inexpensive for you the customer to run. Right now motor fuel propane cost 1.20 how much is a gallon of unleaded gas right know 3.00, WOW. We do conversions here at Freeway Propane we can do any new make or model of car or truck. And when you convert with us we give you a discount car that gats you an additional .20 cent per gallon of, HOLY COW how can you afford not to come in and have your car, suv, or truck done.  Also this fuel card gives you stations in North Utah down to Southern Utah to stop and fill your car at a discounted price. The best thing about propane is any station that can fill a BBQ bottle for you can fill your motor vehicle tank, unlike natural gas you have to go to specific filling stations. Is it worth a phone call or a trip to freeway to see what we can do for you, next time you travel to ST. George wouldn’t it be nice to fill up your vehicle and go down and back without filling again. Call me for more details.