Did Fall Ever Really Leave

Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Did Fall Ever Really Leave

So I sit here and look out the window all winter long from my office and wonder when winter is actually going to arrive. And it really never did. If you are in the propane business like we are you rely on winter to help sell gas, when you don’t have a winter it makes it hard the rest of the year to continue operating your business. A mild winter is good for the construction industry, builders can continue building all winter, but trust me it is bad for utility heating companies. So it is funny how a little temperature ¬†change can effect us in different ways. The upside with this is there is a abundance of propane so prices this summer will be great to fill your tanks. Give us a call and get a price for a fill up from us. And lets pray for a good cold and snowy¬†winter, the builders had their good year, let it snow.